these lows ain't royal

Kendall & Kylie has seen this blog & made me their TUMBLR TUESDAY.

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prodigiouspotential: You know the gif where kiley and khloe are talking about punching kim, what season and ep was that?

It’s on an episode where they shot in Thailand.. I think it’s “A Thailand Vacation — Part 2”

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ange1-eyes: Follow back?

I only follow jenner blogs on this acct xx

Anonymous: Hi, would you post pics of kendall's house? Not the address but if anyone has pics of how is it decor? Thank you

Spending power: Kendall Jenner has reportedly splashed out $1.39million on a Los Angeles condo

New home: The condo is located in a high-rise building situated in the lavish LA area of Westwood

Armchair pondering: The home features plenty of natural light

Big spender: According to TMZ, the teenager has taken out a $910,000 mortgage on the property which only has two bedrooms, despite the steep price

Family values: Kendall's mother Kris Jenner might also enjoying checking out her daughter's catering kitchen, and her mum is reportedly listed on the home's documents but did not pay for the property

Amenities: Along with a state of the art kitchen the building features a heated swimming pool

High rise views: Windows line the wall of one of the two bedrooms

Fully outfitted: One of the bathrooms has a separate tub and shower

Hardwood: The condo features blonde wood flooring and high ceilings

Chill spot: The home looks ideal for a young person starting out in an exciting city

For others who might ask, the condo is located in a high-rise building situated in the lavish LA area of Westwood. And the real estate agent is listed as Farrah Aldjufrie, the daughter of Paris Hilton’s auntie Kyle Richards, who stars in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

[accdg to TMZ]

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